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Welcome to Sorrowind Studios! Sorrowind Studios is a webhosting and design company owned and operated by Matthew Merkle, a veteran web designer/programmer with over five years experience in XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Sorrowind Studios specializes in concise, clean websites that are easy to maintain, easy to read, and accessible to a wide audience. All of our projects, big or small, will be built using the latest web specifications.

What do these web specifications mean for your new website?

  • Increases your chances of being indexed, and raising your rank in Google, resulting in more viewers.
  • Decreases workload for future site design changes. Less effort required to update and maintain the site!
  • Ensures that all of the latest standards compliant browsers (Internet Explorer 7/8, Firefox, Opera, Safari) used by your customers will be viewed exactly as intended, and that the site will not contain debilitating bugs.
  • Makes mobile viewing simple and fast.
  • Significantly reduces issues with people who make use of large-print browsers or screen-readers, allowing those who have accessibility needs to view your site with ease.

Interestingly, creating a site that follows web standards and specifications is not as common as you think. Because developing a standardized website requires extra effort, many cheaper web developers will skip this important step, focusing only on developing a website that appears functional on the two most used browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer).

When you order a site from Sorrowind Studios, however, we guarantee your site will be standards compliant. Don't believe us? Feel free to check this very site, using the World Wide Web Consortium's Validation Service!